Top 5 winter safety tips for your pets


From snow to wind, ice and so much more – there is a lot to prepare when it comes to winters. The cold weather affects your pets as much as it affects you, and they need the same amount of warmth and care that they would need in any other season.

Here are a few simple measures that you should take to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy during the winter season.

  1. Some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others, especially the ones who are short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young. Limit the amount of time they spend outdoors. Hypothermia and frostbite pose major risks to dogs in winter. Devise some fun indoor games instead, to keep them entertained.
  2. During winter walks, your pet’s paws can pick up toxic chemicals – salt, antifreeze, or de-icers. Be sure to wipe their off their paws when you return before they lick them and fall sick. Or invest in good paw pads that’ll keep them safe. Also remember to check for signs of injury or bleeding paws when you are wiping them.
  3. Cats tend to sleep in the wheel wells of cars during winters to keep warm. If you start your car and a cat is sleeping there, it can be severely hurt. Simply bang on the hood or honk your car to get them out of their hiding. This will prevent injuries of any sort.
  4. Keep them away from metal poles. Metal poles tend to freeze during winters and if your pet tries to lick it, their tongue may get stuck, which becomes very difficult to deal with and causes your pet a lot of trauma. Also use plastic food and water dishes instead of metal ones when the temperatures are low to avoid incidents at home.
  5. Bundle them up in warm, fuzzy clothes. It will not only up their cuteness quotient, but also keep them safe from extreme drops in temperature. A lucky bonus – you can have lots of fun dressing them up.

So, plan ahead for extreme weather, have an emergency plan and make sure they include your pets!


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