Save your pets from air pollution

Can air pollution affect your pets’ health, too?

The answer is a big resounding ‘Yes’! Just like us, pets are also increasingly facing a grave threat due to the poor and rapidly degrading air quality in our cities. A study on the effects of passive smoke on cats also found that such cats began to suffer from reduced lung functioning when compared to cats that lived in a home inhabited by non-smokers. Airborne toxins have a negative impact on animals, especially stray dogs living on the city streets. Cats, dogs and other pets tend to develop asthma, diseases of the nose and throat, and bronchitis when exposed to year-round air pollution.


So, how can you save your pet from air pollution?

Plant some pots inside the house

While we can’t escape the air around us, we can definitely try and make it a little more cleaner, especially in our homes that we and our pets inhabit most of the time, to minimize the damage caused to our health by impure air. How about planting some trees? A well-ventilated green home can help you and your pet breathe in air that is detoxified.

So, ditch the regular lamps and home decor stuff and opt to beautify your home with indoor plants instead. They will not only purify the air for you and your pets, but also lend it a cozy charm.

Use natural cleaners, eco-friendly wall coverings

Avoid using chemical solvents to clean your homes, rather opt for natural preparations that like white vinegar and baking soda. You can also buy wall and floor coverings that are made with eco-friendly elements. Try not to smoke indoors as it can directly affect your pets. For your cats and dogs, you can also choose leashes, collars and sweaters that are made from eco-friendly material.

Tackle the outdoor air well

Stay abreast of the air quality in your area before you decide to take your pet out for a walk. On days when the pollution levels reach poor or hazardous levels, it is advisable for your pets to stay indoors, or at least away from high traffic areas. Take them to parks instead where they can breathe in some fresh air.


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