The best hacks for tackling pet hair


“Everything I own is smothered in pet hair!”

Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Most pet parents have to deal with embarrassing fur situations in cars, couches and even their own clothes. But it does not have to be a permanent woe. It’s time to stock up on your brushes and gloves and get down to applying these hacks to remove unwanted pet hair.

Damp rubber glove

Don a pair of rubber gloves, wet it slightly, and get down to gathering up the loose fur you’re finding all over the house. Run your hands over furnitures, or other places you are most likely to find your pet sitting and lazing through the day. After you’re done collecting the fur, and find it difficult to get all the hair off the gloves, toss them in the dryer and get them ready for the next cleaning excursion.

Launder pet bedding frequently

This one may seem obvious, but a lot of pet parents tend to ignore this common advice. If your pet is spending a lot of time in one place, fur is definitely going to pile up there, especially their beds. Wash your pet bed regularly. If you don’t have the time, invest in a bed that has washable slipcovers you can toss in the laundry. If there is a particular piece of furniture that is their favourite resting spot, cover them up in slip covers, too.

Wrap them up in cool T-shirts

You heard that right. A T-shirt is not just fashionable, but also majorly functiona. A T-shirt or a specially fitted shirt can help contain your pet’s fur on their body, instead of the whole house. But do remember to not force your pet to wear clothing. Do it only if it doesn’t irritate them.

Grooming is the key

Don’t wait until your pet looks dirty to groom them. Bathe and brush them on a regular basis. It will not only make them look better, but also get rid of hair that’s about to shed. It will become a lot easier for you to collect the hair from brushes and drains, rather than scouting the entire house for it. The more you groom, the less you’ll have to vacuum.

Invest in a vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum can make all the difference between a house full of hair, and one that is clean. Buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner that has pet-cleaning attachments that instantly sucks up unwanted pet hair.

Any other pet hair hacks that you have? Share with us!



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