Paws, ears and everything in between


‘tis the time for sun-basking and then sun-masking when it gets too hot—Summer is upon us! While we gear up for to battle the heat, let’s not forget our pets.
There is a lot you will need to take into account to ensure that the furry loves of your life (the love is that intense, isn’t it) are prepped for the intense heat of summer.


The sun is as inviting to our dogs as it is to us so who’re we kidding, they will have their way and get out because obviously the sun shines just for them, or so it may seem.
The checklist is simple: everything!


Picture the PowerPuff Girls brushing their hair—that’s how much you will need to brush their coat. Don’t let that intimidate you, just substitute petting time with brushing time.

  • Use wide-combed brushed for dogs with thick coats
  • A de-shedder would be useful as it is shedding-time!

What this does is:

  • Removes knots and tangles which they are prone to especially is swimming is on the cards
  • Ticks and fleas can be warded off


Before walking your dog on concrete or tar roads, touch the road with the back of your hand, if you can’t take the heat, neither can your dog. Avoid walking them on such hot paths or get them shoes.
Clip their nails and file them for all that outdoor activity will end up causing them pain
otherwise. Get a good pair of clippers always handy.

Tend to the Ears

Wipe the ears with a cotton swab or wipes especially in the case of dogs with bent ears, so that you avoid infection caused by perspiration or residual water.

What did you eat? Where did you go?

Ensure you pay close attention to their behavior and check their whereabouts lest they’ve eaten something untoward. Consult a vet immediately.

Check their fur, nose, ear and paws regularly for weeds and foreign objects as a result of all the rolling around they will be doing.

Summer Cut

While there is no necessity to shave your dog completely, just make sure of a trim until one of inch of fur. For the fur especially in thick-furred dogs greatly aids in maintaining body temperature and forms a great shield from the sun.

A very close trim might result in too much exposure to sun and may cause skin cancer.

Shower them with more than love!

Lastly, bathe them regularly, for it results in:

  • no matting of hair and lesser tangles—work that shampoo in
  • regularisation of their body temperature to a certain extent.
  • the obvious benefit of summer hygiene


Cats also need pretty much the same care as dogs but, you will need to take a bit more care.

Brush likes it’s nobody’s business!

Else, fur balls are going to be the bane of your summer existence. Sometimes to the extent of them causes digestion problems in your furry friend.

The key is to get that desired shine.

Bathing time woes

If your fur-ball is averse to bathing, use wipes so that you still have a squeeze-worthy, smooth-haired feline.

Universal Summer Mantras


Cats are prone to heat strokes, so ensure they are fed well and are hydrated. Dogs on the other hand fairly lesser. But make sure they are hydrated well. If the room temperature is still warm, use ice cubes or a chilled dish for water.


You can dress up your babies with summer shirts—both fashionable as well as a great barrier from the heat when you’re enjoying days out.

Summer’s for many spells V-A- C-A- T-I- O-N. Fret not, for you can always rely on a trusted pet boarding in your city. Unikorn, with the intention of offering pet parents all the means to care for their furry children, offers a list of services straight from grooming products, services to pet boarding services, even a pet limo service! Get around the city in your cab and have your pet follow you in a cab of its own!

Oh importantly, enjoy your summer and have your pet add to it. Head to Unikorn, for all the support you will need this summer to keep your pet comfortable.



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