Three unusual pets, You can take home with you

We might be a little biased, but we believe every home needs a little furry friend to be complete. For all they bring to our families and the love they share, pets add a valuable piece to the family dynamic that just isn’t found anywhere else.

Whether its being the cutest little alarm clock, the perfect place to hide your face during scary movies, or just someone who always enjoys your cooking, animals offer their unconditional love while all they ask for in return is some snacks and maybe a few belly rubs.

So needless to say, we are pet people. Cats, dogs, hamsters, even rats, we love them all! So in honor of our animal best friends and the love they share, we thought we would share with you some rather unique pets that you can bring home with you!

Because a family isn’t about who’s in it, but the love that is shared!


These little cuddly pin cushions may not look like the perfect pet to snuggle up to, but hedgehogs offer some of the best companionship you can find.

Despite their rather prickly exterior, beneath those little quills is a little heart of gold that just wants to spend time with you.

And on the topic of their quills, while they can provide a bit of a sting, hedgehogs only stiffen them when they feel threatened. Which means you can give them all the little kisses you want without a face full of quills in return.

Hedgehogs are known for their quirky personalities and rather shy nature. So if you bring one of these little cuties home with you, be prepared to keep an eye on them while they set out exploring their new home.

And while they can be a bit shy, once a hedgehog bonds with its new family, they quickly become attached and offer affectionate cuddles.

Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs…

Commonly called teacup pigs or mini pigs, these cute little oinkers are the perfect little companion for someone who wants a friend that is a bit on the unusual side.

pexels-photo-133468Though extremely cute, and almost impossible to say no to, Vietnamese Potbelly pigs require a special kind of family to call their own. Often praised for their intelligence and curiosity these little piggies will get themselves into anything and everything, so be ready to piglet proof your home when you bring one of these little cuties back with you.

Though you wouldn’t expect it, these domesticated pigs are some of the most expressive animals you can share your home with as they are eager to let you know how they feel.

It is often said that Vietnamese Potbelly pigs are almost human in the way the express emotion as they can squeal in happiness when you come home or sulk when they get into something they shouldn’t have opened.

Though, they may be called teacup pigs, once they fully grow, these little oinkers can weigh up to 45kg, so be ready for some heavy duty hugs if you bring one home!

 Sugar Gliders…

These flying marsupials are probably the cutest member of the marsupial family you’ll ever meet, and that’s saying something since they are from the same family as koalas.

Attr. SirGabe Flickr

Native to Down Under, these flying sweeties are as unusual a pet as they are cute.Seriously, just look at those little hands and eyes!

Since these little flyers are prone to, well, flying, they need a bit of space to enjoy themselves. But given the right home and the right family, sugar gliders can become a cute addition to any family.

Although it is probably best that you enjoy some late nights, because these gliders are nocturnal by nature and rarely enjoy quality time when the sun’s out. So if you don’t mind spending your nights hanging out with your new little sweet companion, a sugar glider could be the perfect new addition to your home.


Love Comes in Types and Sizes with Furry Friends…

While there are some rather unusual animals you can share a home with, the one thing you’ll always find is unconditional love. For whatever size, color, fur, or preference, animals will always be there to hear about your long day, offer a wet nose for comfort, and a happy hug. All they ask for in return is a safe place to call home and a happy family to call their own.

 If we missed any unusual pets or if you have a unique pet of your own, we’d love to hear about it. Better yet, head over to our Facebook Page and post a picture of you and your unique pal on our wall!


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It’s almost that time of the year where spooky costumes and night time fun take over…


If you are a lover of all things Halloween like we are here at Unikorn, then you’re probably just as excited as we are to get dressed up!

That’s right, it’s almost time to put on our costumes, put out some candy, and of course get ready for some friendly scares!

And the only thing we love more than Halloween is our favorite four-legged friends. So any opportunity to include them in on the seasonal fun is a win in our book. So it only seems fair that while we get ready to dress up and scare up some fun, our furry friends get to join in on the action!

And while there are plenty of places selling costumes for our little loved ones, we believe that the best costumes are made with a lot of love, a little crafting, and of course a great idea. So instead of buying a costume, we decided to put together our own this year.

And now you can too!

All it takes is a free afternoon, some crafting supplies, a willing dog, and maybe a few treats, for the both of you. And just let your creativity flow!

Though if you are looking for some inspiration, we could help you out with these awesome costume designs that are super easy to finish and a bunch of fun to do!

The Cutest Little Monster…

This one is rather easy to do, doesn’t require your furry friend to wear too much, which is probably for the best, and best of all requires no sewing!

All you need is a couple of ping pong balls, some colored felt, a spare marker, a pair of scissors, and simply just a patient furry friend that is okay with becoming a not so ferocious monster for a night.

Halloween Dog No Attr. Needed

We tried it out for ourselves and were able to go from friendly four-legged friend to friendly monster in less than a couple hours, although we should say at least half of that time was spent taking videos and laughing.

 If you want to try it out for yourselves, there is super easy to follow set of instructions for your own four legged monster costume detailing every step of the way, so try it out!

Your Very Own Beanie Baby…

Out all of the costumes we tried to make, this one was by far the easiest and according to a couple of us here, the cutest. If you were one of those 90’s kids that just had to have every Beanie Baby they made, then this one is perfect for you!

In less than an hour you can have your very own life size Beanie Baby, best of all, this one is definitely a collector’s item and one of a kind!

All you need is access to a printer, some red and white felt, a pair of scissors, a bit of ribbon, and a glue gun! That and a cute little friend to become your newest Beanie Baby…

It’s super easy and makes for a pretty comfortable costume for your favorite furry friend as well.

If you want to try this one out, there is pretty easy to follow guide for making your own DIY Beanie Baby costume right here.

Boooo-ark Booo-ark Boooo-aaark…

Ghosts and Halloween go together like a happy puppy and a new chew toy, so it wouldn’t be a complete list of costume ideas without a friendly ghoul or two.

This DIY ghost costume is a different take on the old classic bed sheet turned ghost costume but adapted for a smaller ghoul. Unlike the others, this one requires your best friend to wear something over their face, so it’s best to only try this one with a patient pet.

But if you want to give it a go, all you need is a spare bed sheet, a marker, some elastic bands and a pair of scissors.

After a few quick measurements, a couple cuts, and placing the elastic, you’ll have yourself a friendly ghost to keep you company while you watch scary movies.

If you need a little help, you can check this easy guide for turning your pooch into a friendly ghost and just follow along!

There you have it, everything you need to let your four legged friends enjoy this Halloween as much as you will!

Be sure to snap a few photos of your new costumes and post them on our Facebook page so you can share them with all of us!

From all of us here at Unikorn,
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!