Dog Grooming Routine To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Clean

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The happiest dogs are definitely the healthiest dogs. Many dog owners take great care to provide the best food for their pets but neglect grooming of their pets. The facilities that dog owners provide their pets sometimes gets negated because of poor health of the dogs. It is imperative to groom your dog well regularly to keep the pet happy and healthy, while preventing unwanted expenses towards treatment. A whole host of dog grooming services are available, that take care of the specific needs of dog owners. Let us take a deep look at what you can expect from services that take up dog grooming in Hyderabad.

A proper bath is mandatory

More often than not, dog owners tend to give a quick and hurried bath to their pets. This does not really serve any purpose. Time needs to be spend to work up a proper lather so as to rinse the dirt, dust and grime that collects on a dog’s coat. If, for instance, the coat of the dog is dense and deep, sufficient time needs to be spent to rinse thoroughly. Professional dog grooming services take great care to give pets a comprehensive and clean bath.

Cleaning of ears and clipping of nails

The ears of pets need to be cleaned carefully. Dogs experience great discomfort when the wax in the ears begin to collect dust. It is a fact that due to dietary preferences, dogs experience more wax formation. Therefore, the need to clean dog’s ears is more heightened. Professional groomers spend considerable time to thoroughly clean ears of dogs, leaving them squeaky clean after the session. Similarly, the nails of dogs, if left unclipped, can cause the dogs more harm. For instance, the hind legs of dogs are generally used to scratch themselves. Sharp nails can cause damage and infections. Professional grooming services clip the nails of pets to blunt them.

Keeping risk of infections low

The services of professional dog groomers can help to ensure that the pet remains healthy. This is primarily because of the fact that professional groomers are better equipped to understand the coat condition of the pets. The skin of dogs help to give a better understanding of the health of the pet. Professional groomers can discern the difference and suggest better care or a visit to the vet for intervention.

Tips & Guide To Hire A Best Dog Trainer For Your Dog

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There really is nothing more enjoyable than watching a trained and disciplined dog. Dogs that are out of control can be potential threats if temperamental issues are not dealt in time. Disciplined and trained dogs on the other hand, will never be a source of threat to members of the family. Untrained pets can wreak havoc on clothing and footwear or any other object of interest, not to mention poor behavior in the presence of guests. Some of the best dog trainers in Bangalore have consistently trained dogs to high levels of discipline.

Training humanely

Training of pets should never involve force, or deprivation of its necessities. It needs to be conducted in a proper manner without harming the dog. Professional trainers at Unikorn Pet Services India possess the ability to take the dog into control without harming it or causing fear or anxiety. Celebrity trainers have shown time and again that patience is the key to training pets. Professional trainers are better equipped to train pets patiently, rather than members of the family who may have other tasks to perform.

Showpiece training

A pet is a wonderful companion and possesses the ability to showcase talents. Experienced dog trainers in Bangalore offer training to dogs for showcasing talent. Dogs that perform tasks on command are a treat to watch and also help to bond the owner and the pet better. It is a fact that owners just love to see their dogs obeying their commands and enjoy the experience of being with their pets. Pet owners can continue the showpiece training of professional trainers and hone the skills of dogs.

Training to remain restrained

One of the important aspects of training is the command to dogs to stay restrained. This is useful in controlling the behavior of the dog and preventing situations from going out of control. It is not only safe for individuals, it is also safe for the pets. A pet that follows the command of its master to “stay” will be out of trouble, and also not put others in trouble.

How to tackle pet allergies


Allergies are the worst! Constant sniffling, itchy eyes and nonstop sneezing… we’ve all been there. But did you know our furry friends experience these symptoms too?

Different types of grass, pollen and dust can cause our pets to feel down in the dumps. They may start scratching their skin, creating painful open sores that can become difficult to treat. These skin infections can become costly for pet owners.

According to Dr. Evan Antin, there are three types of pet allergies:

  1. Flea bite hypersensitivity
  2. Food allergies
  3. Seasonal/environmental allergies

So what do you do if your pets start sneezing and wheezing? The best thing you can do is take them to a veterinarian. The vet can assess the issue and come up with the perfect solution to fix the problem. This is usually done with a personalized allergy test to identify exactly what your pet’s allergic to, then an oral medication tailored to alleviating the symptoms.

Want to learn more? Check out this video below!