Shy pup? Tips for helping your pet come out of its shell.


Dogs have pasts just like us. Sometimes these pasts cause them to be nervous in certain situations. They may be weary of certain people. They may need more time to open up and feel comfortable.

So what can we do? Be patient. Be kind. Be loving. With perseverance, that once-shy pup can be the adoring companion you’ve always wanted. Here are some quick tips to unleashing your pet’s personality:

  1. Identify which situations make your dog feel uncomfortable: Once you know what scares your dog, you’ll better know what to do to combat it. Does your dog get nervous around men? Slowly introduce him to affectionate, loving men who will show your dog love. Always stay with your dog to make him feel at ease in these nerve-wracking situations and tell him it’ll be okay. Start with quick 15-second interactions then increase the length each time. Once your dog learns to conquer his fears, he will become more comfortable in everyday situations.
  2. Find what comforts your dog: Does a certain toy make your dog feel more at ease? A special kind of treat? A blanket? Identify what makes your dog feel relaxed. Bring that item with you whenever possible. When you’re dog is feeling anxious, patiently calm your dog down and give him that comfort item. He will begin to associate those scary situations with comfort, in turn showing him that everything is going to be okay.
  3. Reward your dog when he acts brave: You want to reaffirm that brave behavior. Instead of rewarding your dog when he acts anxious or nervous, calm him down then give him a treat he settles down. This will show your dog that being calm is good behavior.
  4. Give your dog space: Sometimes nervous dogs just want to be left alone… and that’s okay. Give your dog his alone time when he indicates he wants it. Make sure he has a quiet, secluded space (like a crate or doghouse) to go to when he wants to be alone.
  5. Know when it’s the time to seek help: If after several weeks you don’t see progress, maybe it’s time to hire a professional to help. You can find expert trainers at or on the Unikorn app who can help your dog finally come out of his shell!


About Unikorn, Inc.

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