Hot dog! How to protect your pet from the heat


Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Hats. Sandals. You have your go-to essentials for those hot, summer days. So why shouldn’t your pet?

An overheated pet can suffer from heat stroke, a dangerous condition that can cause organ failure and other potentially deadly issues. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and rapid panting. Therefore, it’s important you protect your pet through necessary preventative measures.

Keep your pet hydrated: Always make sure your pet’s water bowl is filled and perform regularly checks for excessive panting. If your pet is experiencing symptoms of heat stroke, immediately move him to a cool area with a fan, dampen the skin with room temperature water, and allow him to cool off.

Avoid hot pavement: Hot surfaces can burn your pet’s paws. Instead of taking long walks on asphalt, let him play (and potty) on cool grass where there is ample amount of shade.

Make a trip to the groomer: Warm weather calls for a short, summer cut! This will help keep you pet cool and prevent him from overheating. You can schedule an appointment with one of Unikorn’s top groomers at or the Unikorn app.

Keep your pet safe: Never leave your pet in a parked car. Temperatures inside can soar to more than 140 degrees (even with the windows cracked!)… which can quickly turn deadly. Instead, keep your pet in an air-conditioned space or outside on the grass.

With these quick tips, you– and your pet– can enjoy the summer months!

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