Get rid of pet odor once and for all!


Have you ever walked into a house and immediately knew pets lived there? No, you didn’t see a cat strolling by. No, you didn’t notice a dog toy in the corner of the room. And no, you’re not psychic. You knew because the house smelled like cats and dogs.

While we love our furry friends, we also don’t want our house to smell like a litter box. Admittedly this can be a difficult task for many pet owners, especially when they have more than one animal in their family. Most air fresheners simply mask pet odors instead of eliminating them, and it always seems like once you finally get rid of the smell, it comes back the next day! So how do we get rid of those pesky pet odors for good?

1. Start by feeding your pet a balanced diet. Top quality pet food can help improve the odor of your pet’s waste. Try Royal Canin, which offers different food options based on your dog’s size, breed and lifestyle.


Royal Canin Junior Golden Retriever Dog Food, 12 kg, Rs. 6290

2. Make sure you bathe your pets regularly. This will prevent any odors and sweat from seeping into your furniture and carpets, leaving a lingering odor. To streamline the process, opt for a shampoo that serves multiple purposes, like this Lozalo Shootix shampoo below. Not only does the lemongrass oil leave your dog smelling fresh and clean, but it also helps eliminate ticks and fleas!


Lozalo Shootix Shampoo, 200 mL, Rs. 127.50 

3. Prevent odors before they start. The easiest way to eliminate pet odors in your house is to never have them in the first place. Use preventative measures, like deodorizing crystals in your cat’s litter box, so you have less work to do later.


Pet Brands Deodorizing Cat Litter Crystals, 170g, Rs. 179.1

4. Eliminate stains and odors immediately after you notice them so they don’t get worse. Try a product like Simple Solution’s Stain and Odor Remover, which uses Pro-Bacteria and enzymes to eliminate the odors, instead of just masking them. Make sure the odor remover you use is safe for pets and children.


Simple Solution Cat Stain and Odor Remover, 500 mL, Rs. 535.5

By following these simple rules, you can enjoy the company of your pets, scent-free!

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