Welcome to the family! How to introduce a new dog to your other pets


Adopting a new dog is an exciting time for your family. You get one more adorable furry friend to provide you with love and companionship. But for pet parents who already have other pets at home, the introduction phase can easily become complicated.

When making the initial introduction between your new dog and the resident dog, have them meet in neutral territory like a local park. The dogs should both be on leashes and under careful supervision in case either animal shows signs of aggression or discomfort. Start off by giving the dogs some space to see each other from across the lawn so they aren’t taken by surprise.

If both dogs seem comfortable, walk them closer to each other so they can meet. Loosen the slack on their leashes, while still being cautious in case they need to be separate. From there, let both dogs smell each other to get acquainted and feel more at ease with one another. From there, you can let them play, but make sure you keep watch.

The next step is to re-introduce the dogs to each other at your home, following the same steps as above. Now that the new dog is in the resident dog’s territory, a new dynamic can be created if the resident dog is possessive. Therefore, be just as diligent while watching them as you were for the initial introduction. If you have a backyard, have the dogs meet there first, then once again inside the house.

Now that your dogs have been introduced, they can play together as new pet siblings! Remember to take extra precaution over the first few weeks while your dogs get accustomed to each other, and put them in separate rooms and/or crates whenever you’re gone. Congratulations on adding a new doggo to your family!

Source: Animal Humane Society


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