New year, new pet? Here are our top 5 tips for new pet owners

By Alissa Anderegg

The new year can bring lots of excitement, especially for families who adopted a new pet over the holidays. Whether you welcomed an energetic puppy or a sweet senior into your home, these first few weeks are essential in establishing a relationship between you and your pet that will last a lifetime.


1. Make the new familiar. For any pet, moving into a new place can be scary. The foreign smells, sights and sounds can quickly become overwhelming for your new furry friend. That’s why it’s essential to give your pet a  quiet place to relax. Set up a special spot where your pet can go to feel secluded and safe when it needs alone time. A crate with its door open in a corner of a dimly lit room is a great start. Add a bed, water source, and a toy from its previous home so the space has familiar smells to calm your pet.



2. Give your pet space. While it’s important to show your new pet love and affection, it’s just as necessary to give your pet space to explore for itself. When you bring your new family member into your home, give it time to explore its new surroundings. Give your pet some time each day where it can acclimate to its new home.



3. Establish house rules. Although you want to make your new pet feel comfortable in its new home, make sure you start training early. Be fair but firm, using a strong “No” when your pet performs an undesirable action and reward your pet with treats and pets for desirable actions. You can also use a professional trainer to help in this process (Check out our awesome Unikorn trainers coming soon at Setting and enforcing rules early on will help make your pet ownership experience easier and more fun.



4. Get your pet checked out. Take your pet to the vet within the first few days to check for any medical procedures or vaccinations your pet may need. Your vet will also be able to provide you with pet ownership tips, and you can ask any specific questions you may have about the health and well-being of you new friend. (You can order a Vet on Request appointment today at 



5. Socialize your pet. Introducing your pet to other furry friend is not only fun for your pet, it’s necessary for its socialization. Your pet should be able to play and interact with other animals in a friendly, non-aggressive way. The best way to ensure this behavior is to teach it to your pet as soon as possible. Take your dog to a dog park or have a puppy play date with your neighbor. However, always make sure you carefully supervise your pet to make sure everyone stays safe.


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