Does your pet get stressed at the vet? There may be a solution.

By Alissa Anderegg

Katie is the proud owner of an elderly Irish Wolfhound named Bentley and a rescued cat named Lou. Katie loves her vet who is well-respected in her town. But whenever she sees an upcoming vet appointment on the calendar, she can’t help but cringe. Bentley is difficult to transport due to his large size and bad arthritis. And Lou the cat spends the entire car ride to and from the vet yowling in fear. Whenever Katie arrives at the vet office, Lou refuses to leave his carrier because he’s so nervous. By the time she gets home, Katie spent hours away from work and her family to take care of the appointments.

Sound familiar? Well there might just be a solution– personalized at-home vet calls. An increasing number of vets are offering mobile services as a way to create more convenience for their busy clients. Certainly, visiting the vet’s office in person is necessary for more serious needs including surgerical procedures or dental cleaning. However, most other services including annual exams, blood tests, vaccinations and microchipping can be completed offsite. While visits to physical vet offices and clinics certainly have their benefits, house call services prove rewarding to many pet owners.

Benefits for You

Let’s face it. The process of going to the vet can be a burden. From the time and hassle it takes to get your pet in the car to the transportation to and from the office to the waiting times once you arrive, vet visits can be inconvenient and stressful for many pet owners. With house calls, the vet comes to you, allowing you more flexibility in your busy schedule.

Benefits for your Pet

Some pets, especially cats, deal with enormous stress and anxiety when going to their vet visits. From the nerve-wracking transportation to and from the vet office to the uneasiness that results in being in a new place with unfamiliar sites and sounds, going to the vet can be a traumatizing experience for some of our higher strung furry friends. Vet house calls can eliminate that unnecessary stress by allowing your pet to receive care in the comfort of home.

Benefits for your Vet

When a pet is anxious, it can be difficult for vets to do their job. Anxiety can mask symptoms of much more serious issues, understandably causing complications in diagnoses. During house calls, a vet can observe the pet in its own environment, allowing for a more accurate understanding of its overall health and well-being. Additionally, the private and personalized care allows the vet the flexibility to examine all of the family’s pets in one visit, simplifying the process for both the vet and pet owner.

So who should be using vet house call services?

While vet house calls can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances, they can be especially useful for pet owners who have:

  • Difficulty walking or driving
  • Busy and unpredictable schedules
  • Young children at home that need constant supervision
  • Pets that are particularly fearful, anxious or aggressive
  • Elderly pets who are too fragile to transport
  • Exceptionally large dogs that are difficult to transport

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