Facts on Feline Heart Disease: Dr. Joshua Stern of UC Davis

The subtle signs of cardiac disorders in cats can be hard to spot; here’s what you need to know.

Hearts are a crucial matter for cats as well as people. Heart disease is a common problem for older cats — though Kidney failure is still at the top of the list — and it can be hard to identify in the early stages. Paying attention to the signs of heart problems can help you see that your feline companions live longer, healthier lives, so Dr. Joshua Stern of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine talks about what to watch out for and options for screening and preventative care.

Stern is a member of the faculty on the university’s small animal cardiology service. He focuses on the role of inheritance in the development of heart disease, with the goal of improving genetic testing and expanding treatment options for dogs, cats, and other small animals with heart disease. Davis is among the most renowned veterinary schools in the world, and its work on topics like this is advanced — in fact, Stern performed a rare life-saving procedure on a cat with a congenital heart defect last year in consultation with human and animal heart specialists.

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